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Today is a VERY special day!!!
Not only is it my moms birthday...
but also the birthday of her first born grandchild...
my eldest nephew :)

I will be celebrating with the family today,
so won't be around much and thought I would
take a quick moment now, to wish them both
and to show my love and appreciation to them
for the beautiful souls that they are!!


To my Mom...

Mom you are my best friend!
I am VERY blessed to be able to say that of my mother.
I know MANY daughters who would LOVE to have
the kind of bond that we do!
Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done,
and continue to do for me!
You are my emotional ROCK and I love you!

To Jamesy...

Honey, you are so VERY special to me!
You have the most dear and beautiful soul.
You are an amazingly talented young man,
yet so humble with it at the same time!
I know you are going to do AMAZING things with your life ahead,
you already are!
Jamesy, I love you VERY MUCH!!!
Happy Birthday angel!!!
Lots of love your NAUGHTY Aunty Jayne hehe

And these wishes would be VERY incomplete,
without giving praise to your FANTASTICAL mom and dad,
for raising such an ABSOLUTE little gentleman!
You can be VERY proud Ty and Rox!
Love you all VERY much!

and NOW.... it is time to celebrate

Catch you later Steemit!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Double celebrations! Happy birthday both!


thank you xxx

congratulations to your beautiful mother is beautiful, greeting from venezuela.🎂🎁🎉🎈


Happy birthday!!

Lovely virtual birthday card kind of thing! Happy birthday to them both, and may all their birthday wishes come true!



@traciyork Thank you sweets 😍 😘

Happy birthday to both of your mom and nephew, very well described about them in a short sentence, well wishes to everyone.

Happy birthday to your cute mum and adorable nephew; i wish them both a blessed life......much love @joyart
Now i know I'm sharing the same birth month as mum and James... Yesterday was my birthday😊 @jaynie


@joyart thank you :)

Happy birthday to both of your mom and nephew, very well described about them in a short sentence, well wishes to everyone.

Happy birthday ☺🎉


@jayadams Thanks a mil

Happy birthday to steemit friend


@shiab thank you


Most welcome

Happy birthday to them.

Happy birthday to your beautiful mum and to your nephew!
My best wishes!

It's actually 7 days to my birthday, so by this time next week. I should be celebrating mine.

Happy birthday to your mom and Jamesy 😊 may ALLAH give them happiness in their entire life.

Cute mum.... Happy birthday to her



@info4all Thank you :)

Wow, please share my birthday wishes and prayers with your mother and nephew and enjoy this amazing moment. Thanks for sharing this post with us. 🙂

How touching). Health to you and your loved ones. Mom is holy!🍹🎂💐


Party time for Jaynie means Party-time for you'll. Uh huh??




Thank you Jaynie - I love you very much and I could not ask for a more perfect daughter and friend - and you have become an incredible mom and I am so proud of you. -a big thank you also to all the lovely people that posted good wishes to me.


@lizziesworld love you mom 😍 😘


Good job Mom of Bosslady.

Beautiful family