Hi, My name is Jayne – and I am an ENERGETICALLY DRIVEN individual.

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See that painting in front of you?
Ok – well go ahead and touch it,
feel the paint – the texture… absorb the colour.
Now – turn your back on it and close your eyes!
Can you still see it?
Can you still feel the texture?

Hi, My name is Jayne – and I am an ENERGETICALLY DRIVEN individual.


This declaration never proves disappointing as a general conversation spark. People always have a million enthusiastic questions and truth be told, I seldom know how to answer most of them. I have learnt over the years that there is an abundance of character diversity in this world, and having been one of the more “eccentric” types for most of my life, I have developed what I consider a slightly higher level of general acceptance for the many varying paths than many others may have. This is most likely due to the copious ridicule endured as a teen because of said “wild tastes and behaviour” – but for the most part, none of that detoured me.

I am an exceptionally complicated being, but I have a simple structure. If it “speaks” to me and I “feel” it – then I move with it and for it. If not – then I don’t.

Not complicated is it? Well it isn’t to me… but it is somewhat “curious” to many others.

I really don’t know how to explain it any simpler… in fact earlier this evening I used an analogy amidst a conversation where I actually described myself as somewhat primal when it comes to decision making… ”If it “smells” good, then it’s a yes – and if it doesn’t, then it’s a no!” hahahaha and this may seem fundamentally ridiculous to many, but if I actually cut through all the crap and look at how I process things and make decisions…. This is essentially all that is involved. No, I don’t walk around sniffing peoples butts lol – but I do tend to gravitate to a VERY vibrational frequency.

Very little of my PRIMARY and life changing decision making is done with my head. True story!

I actually had a little say about this in the comments of a post here on steemit not too long ago, and it became abundantly clear, VERY quickly that the individual that I was conversing with was primarily logical and very much not only “brain driven” – but LEFT brain driven… and the concept of not being brain driven at all was a completely foreign concept to them. They had a reference and book derived analysis for essentially ANYTHING I had to say, so ultimately – I just smiled and walked away. You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.

I don’t expect anyone to understand how I function, it is not for you to understand in the first place – it is for ME to understand.

In short – I don’t ”think things through”… no, I ”FEEL things through”.

I feel all of it, everything, ALL of the time. I am receptive to EVERYTHING! People upon meeting, moods, deceptions, relationships, quarrels, joys – EVERY-THING! I did not ASK to have this, but I have it, and it does not end there. It literally extends to every facet of my life… decisions I need to make – be they personal or business related… absolutely EVERYTHING is driven by an innate SHOVE and energetic reception of “this is good or bad”.

I have this to such an extent, that many times I will pick up the energy of others in a particularly heightened emotional state. (Normally a negative one, because those generally resonate a lot stronger for the sheer desperation of “whatever” situation.) I then take on that “state” and will approach the individual and ask if everything is ok. Most people don’t like to spill their guts when they are feeling distressed or emotional so they will respond with the all too familiar human “I am fine” – which frustratingly, leaves me feeling very confused. Everything in me, will say that what I am feeling is coming from “that” person, but they said they are ok – so then I start to question myself. More often than not – after some time, they will disclose that there was in fact something wrong – but as I am sure you can understand (I hope) – this is never an easy burden to carry… especially when it isn’t even your own.

BUT… having said that, I honestly would not change it for the world! I am who I am and I will continue to “feel” my way through this life…

My heightened vibrational connection
to essentially everyone and everything
is a gift and I will respect it as such!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I have learned that people learn and think in different ways. Some people are kinesthetic, others are logical, and some others are auditory. We each have our personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and ways and means. God is a wise God to have made us all with this much diversity.


when people try to explain that your actions are not logical. if not because you do what you feel you call it impulsive, but they do not understand that it is not an impulse, it is like a sixth sense that we develop that you feel if something is right or not, but they ask me to explain why and I have no logical answer and I'm proud of that and I would not change it for anything, it's what makes me be


@oneherrera brilliantly said!!!!! And thank you for the awesome input! ❤️

I understand exactly what you are saying because I too walk in some very similar shoes. When asked "why", I can often only say, "because". Because it's what I feel to be right, and I too have to go with that.

Good for you to write this and figure out a way of expressing it all so well! :)


@lynncoyle1 thanks hon... yeah it can get a little overwhelming sometimes, but again, like I said... I definitely wouldnt change it for the world! ❤️❤️❤️

I assume you're ready for Upa-Yoga now. Please go to an Isha YOGA Ashram near you and explore your innate gift. It will only develop into an even bigger POSSIBILITY. If that becomes a problem then you do an ARDAS to Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj for some assistance. GuruSaheb always helps everyone.

Thank you for bringing that to us. That is an inspiring post.

Thanks for sharing this :) Have you ever done the Myers Briggs personality test? You can find it online. I thought it actually painted a pretty accurate of me! It also determines how intuitive you are and things like that. Would be interesting to see what type you are. Apparently I'm the rarest one 😁


@tripswithtam oooooh I am definitely gonna take a look at that!!! (unless its the same one that @zord189 made me dooo...... not sure.... but the one he suggested was also incredibly accurate! 👍

Energy is energy. It's neither positive nor negative. Your perception of it can make it appear as positive or negative to you depending on whether it's impact is towards your Wellbeing or NOT. Same is the case with everything. They're just the way they're. It's for your survival and for your work that you use your judgement i.e. discretion to make decisions and get the REQUIRED RESULTS.

Read books, watch YouTube videos and listen to podcasts of Sadhguru. Attend his programs. I recommend Upa-Yoga , Anghamardana and Hatha Yoga in its traditional form and NOT the western non-sense. Then all you need to do is to listen to Gurbani and Kirtan and then your experience of life will become more FUN and EXUBERANT than before. If you have doubts regarding the process and goal of all this Activity then there are Satsangs and Kathas where these get addressed either in person within a hall in case of Sadhguru or a GURUDWARA in case Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This should provide you immense amounts of clarity to live your life, make it blissful by your own nature and finally move towards the ULTIMATE POSSIBILITY OF JYOTIJYOT, SALVATION, MAHASAMADHI, NIRVANA, call it whateevvvverrrr it's the same thing. Then you'll REALLY become a SUCCESS.

P.S. Stick it out with a single person i.e. if Sadhguru then only Sadhguru. If Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj then GuruSaheb. OTHERWISE, if you go to GuruSaheb, Shiva, Sadhguru, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, etc, i.e. shifting from one person to the next then you'll move around in endless circles and NOT reach anywhere. So not cool. Therefore, stick it out with one person from start to end and whatever has to happen will happen.

Have a great day ahead.

Love you-Banana Boy.

#True Story.

GuruSaheb also handled his work, family, social life and various other projects whilst staying committed to the ULTIMATE POSSIBILITY of JYOTIJYOT which is only POSSIBLE through the human-form. So no whining. Okay.

The ULTIMATE POSSIBILITY of JYOTIJYOT which is only POSSIBLE through the human-form. That's why this Human form is PRICELESS because it's only over here that you have access to an intellect you're taking for granted. Such a magnificent body and mind in terms of capability and NOT. Only and only in this form can you EXPERIENCE the Creator of all Creation within you. No other form on this planet can offer you this POSSIBILITY. When you die do does this POSSIBILITY. THEREFORE, remember you're mortal and strive for this POSSIBILITY of JYOTIJYOT. Otherwise, believe or not doesn't matter you'll be stick in the repetitive nature of the karmic cycle of this Creation and God only knows when and if you get a Human-form again. Don't be lazy and work towards this ULTIMATE POSSIBILITY. If someone says hahaha this is non-sense then they know not what they're saying and doing. Please forgive them. If you pay a little attention then you'll realize how COMPULSIVELY everyone around you is functioning with very little usage of their discretion. They can cover it up with all sorts of non-sense but what or whoever operates compulsively is operating in endless circles. They may not be AWARE of it. But they're operating in endless circles.

So what??


This Human-form will be wasted on you.

You'll eat-sleep-do work-reproduce and die one day. Even insects, animals are capable of this non-sense.

Why do you need a Human-form for this??

They can easily outplay in all the above mentioned departments.

The only reason why this Human-form is there is to EXPERIENCE the source of all Creation and ultimately dissolve into him. Then you're a success in REALITY. Otherwise, you're business is a success, your studies, jobs, etc, is a success but YOU ARE A FAILURE. Because you don't even know anything about yourself. Who you are, why you do what you do, where you came from ( before you were in your mother's womb ) and a whole lot of other things. You're not what you've gathered. It's yours but not you. Then who are you??

Close your eyes and see for yourself.

If things become scary then it's like moving to a new country. You know how it works.

Just keep on breaking boundaries and liberating yourself of all the previous COMPULSIVE patterns of behavior. You'll be realized.

Go to the ISHA-YOGA ashram and get a step-by-step Method of doing what I'm currently talking about.

Then proceed from there.

Use your common sense and pay ATTENTION every moment of your life. To make things easy learn to stand there-Look at the situation in which you exist-Use your discretion and then do whateevvvverrrr is needed as per the requirement of the situation with ABSOLUTE INVOLVEMENT AND INTENSITY.

Action is always as per the requirement of the situation and is directed towards a goal. The only choice you have is to be be either pleasant or unpleasant.

Your life is YOUR KARMA i.e. it's your making and ONLY your making. NOBODY else's. They can support but never play lead unless you allow them to dictate terms.

So books, podcasts, videos, programs ( Upa-Yoga, Anghamardana, Hatha Yoga ) of Sadhguru.


Going to Satsangs and Kathas for clarifying doubts regarding all this Activity, Process and the GOAL that we are looking to achieve.

Use your common sense and ATTENTION and do whatever is needed because action is always as per the requirement of the situation and is directed towards a goal. The only choice you have is to be be either pleasant or unpleasant.

Your life is YOUR KARMA i.e. it's your making and ONLY your making. NOBODY else's. They can support but never play lead unless you allow them to dictate terms.


Just wondering @amarbir, why don't u compile all your comments and make a post so everyone can read it?


Would you like to do the honours?? My account is dedicated to spreading fitness. Just't change anything. Keep everything as it's WORD FOR WORD. Otherwise, it won't work.


@amarbir ~ I rather agree with the comment @zord189 made, about compiling your comments into a post. As I see it, they DO relate to fitness — fitness of the soul, which goes hand-in-hand with the fitness of the body. 😊


Don't miss out on the EXPERIENCE of being HUMAN. It's not a small thing AT ALL.

If that doesn't do it then do you want to EXPERIENCE life or avoid it??

You're amazing by the way that you are, as a person and being connected to all.


@spellmaker MWAH! Thank you hon ❤️

I feel that we are cut from the same piece of cloth, you and I. Everything you said here resonates with me as well! 😊


@thekittygirl aaaah!!! It is always so wonderful to read things like that because sometimes, it can feel a somewhat isolated path.... so Thank you! ❤️

Why be like others when you can be more unique like you.. or me for that matter. I tend to do and think differently to the general population.

High five :P


@thegoliath I like the way you think ;)


Glad you do ;)

@jaynie I can relate to this. The Primal way to make decision like you described above comes from our body awareness, which related to our immune system too This is exactly how I made decisions these days too. If something look or smell or taste or sense unhealthy to my body, then there is a no for me despite how the mind reasons it. There's also another term to this, which we called survival intelligence. Great post. I love it :)


@roselifecoach I love that term!!!! And thank you for the lovely comment hon ❤️


Always my pleasure @jaynie!

I'm sorry I missed this. Intuition or the sixth sense is so underrated and those who have it, so often ridiculed. I have, at my peril, not listened to that little voice/feeling.... I so get this! :D


@fionasfavourites too true... and I ALWAYS kick myself afterwards.