My Steemit PURGE!!! (Damn! that felt GOOD!)

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I think it is safe to say that when most of us arrive here, we pretty much have no fncking clue what is potting and so we enter into the ”you followed me, I’ll follow you” and ”oooh they look interesting” syndromes – but a little time and experience will educate you into the fact that Steemit does not really operate like any other social media platform and the algorithms are not the same either… – but over and above that, it NEVER really pays to click that follow button simply for the sake of Pete ;)

My Steemit PURGE!!! (Damn! that felt GOOD!)


I recently passed my “one year anniversary” here on Steemit and all I can say is SH!T has a lot changed since I became a part of this spectacular space – and that includes the selections of people I wish (or wish NOT) to follow… in fact, SO MUCH has changed between now and then, that I am now officially following less than HALF the amount of people I was 3 hours ago – and all I can say is DAMN!!!! IT FEELS GOOD! - it also LOOKS a darn sight better on my feed too, yes, yes - a LOT easier on the eye ;) lol (just saying)

No, seriously – I just got TOTALLY OVER it! And this is why…

Well, firstly I have to admit that I followed a lot of CRUD initially…
(my badddd! Lol) But secondly….

For those of you that have not woken up to the fact that not only LIFE, but Steemit too – is a give and take game, then – welcome, W.E.L.C.O.M.E!!!

Wonderful to have you join the party!


The fact of the matter is, (and you can slice it how you bloody want to…) NOBODY wants to endlessly put effort into something that shows no reward… NO MATTER HOOOOW MUCH THEY MAY LOVE IT! There will eventually come a point in time, when the efforts will lessen, the enthusiasm will dwindle and left for much long after that, either a complete disregard develops or at worst a relative level of bitterness. And this is applicable in ALL avenues of life. Relationships, jobs, careers, hobbies etc. It is NOT exclusive to this online sphere and I for one, do NOT wish to continue putting time and effort into those that simply (and very plainly put) don’t show me the time of day – no matter HOW hard (or repeatedly) you try!

I want to engage with people who WANT to engage with me!
(not much different from our often distant “3D – real world lives” is it?! ;)

(Smiles sweetly)

And you can think of me what you will – (people are going to do that regardless of how you conduct yourself or what you voice in terms of opinion… so what the hell, right! ;) )

In general, there seems to be this SERIOUSLY misconstrued perception of being a full time blogger or a ”full time Steemer” - and I would like to add a little clarity to the situation, if I may… smiles sweetly yet again”… - I probably work TEN TIMES harder now than I EVER did in ALL 17 years of being a graphic designer and business owner in the design and print industry. lol…. No REALLY!!! It’s the honest truth…

(And I worked bliksem hard in those 17 years!!! – TRANSLATION: Bliksem is Afrikaans for “VERY/EXCEPTIONALLY” - in this context)

Yes – I have a LOT less stress now, but that does not mean I can afford to “squander” my time… I have a LOT scheduled in my “every day” and I do my utmost to make sure I fulfil not only the obligations, but the aspirations too. As ANY avid Steemit user will know, ”engagement” on any AUTHENTIC level takes a HUGE amount of time – and with all the curation endeavours, and my @steemitbloggers community – I simply DON’T have the time to waste… I mean heck, if it’s ok… I would like to grow here too – because well…. Houses and Food are nice things to have… hahaha ;)

So, having rambled all of that lol – I decided today, that a MASSIVE PURGE was in order!!! It took almost two hours to do it, but it was TOTALLY worth it and when I hit that refresh button on my feed – it was like stepping into a whole new world - one that I am HAPPY to be in!!! Everything I am seeing in my feed now, is everything I WANT to see and that is bloody fantastic!!!

Yes, it took me a year to get there… but the point is, I got there! And now, instead of missing a good portion of the awesome posts from the people I love seeing in my feed I will now SEE all of you!!! YAY!!!! – I will ACTUALLY get to be EXCITED about WHO and WHAT I get to explore ;)


I cut the list of people I am following from almost 700 down to just under 400 – which just goes to show you, that when you REALLY afford it some serious contemplation – there is a LOT of “unnecessary stuff” which we allow to creep into our lives, and we really shouldn’t.

It may be Winter here in SA – but DAMN! – that was a seriously rewarding spring cleaning session! ;)

Looking forward to SEEING and supporting MORE and MORE
of the people that make my days all a little brighter!



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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oh... and have you met my little man? @judethedude

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I can see where that happens a lot, people post a article and engage with the first few posters or selects posters in the comment section, they don't like talking to themselves and their interest begins to wane. Should have hit the purge button a while back but now that resteems of jude the dude is driving me crazy I think I'll take care of that today also.


@sunlit7 hope you had fun doing it lol 😎

Everyone is frantically checking to see if they made the cut! 😂

Congrats on the one year mark @jaynie

Keep up the great work.


I'm glad I made the cut. I know I don't always comment on people's posts but I do almost always read them. I hope you and Jude the dude are having a lovely afternoon.


@jeezzle you most definitely did hon haha ❤️ and yes we are both having a wonderful time, because he is now on holiday for three weeks 😎😎😎😎 Hope you are well too 😍

I've been on steemit since June 2017 and have been very careful with who I follow preferring quality over quantity. I have never done the follow for follow thing and won't start now. If I see quality and that person has something genuine and interesting to offer me I'll throw a follow their way and see where it leads. I generally actually tell the person that too!

I can't recall ever going over 100 followers which allows me the ability to keep up with their posts and actually read them.
Anyway, that's my strategy and it seems to work for me; We're all different though and some people can keep up with a gazillion followers. (I call bullshit though) :)

Thanks for your post. @jaynie


@galenkp yeah the less the merrier in this instance haha - I am really enjoying having less 😎 thanks for stopping by and for your support 👍


Cheers, anytime ;)

Hi @jaynie!

I just discovered you today and I'm SO glad I did!! You're absolutely hilarious and I'm sure whatever topic you write about will be entertaining and interesting to read!

Looking forward to seeing more of you!! :)

You really crack me up, but well said! I love the last gif!!
I'm glad you managed to the 'cleaning up', meaning more chances of new Steemian to get your attention now. Good luck all!

Yup, agreed! I'll be doing a purge soon too lol

Thank you for your explanation.
But , when you are new it's kind of hard to get noticed so that's why it's ok to follow For Follow and some of the followers are known to resteemed and upvote my posts even though I don't like the content on there feed.
I'm talking about resteem bots..
What you did was great and I think I should do it every year, like yearly purging or something like that.
Enjoy the rest of the day.
Kind regards, Milan


@psyceratopsb yes I think we all do it - but keeping on top of it so that our feeds dont become like trash hotlines is probably a good idea hahaha. Thanks for stopping by and for the support 😎

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wow, one year already, happy anniversary !
I think i'm hitting that in 2 months now. Time flies !!


@mcfarhat i know!!! crazy fast right!!! hehe 😎

Some seriously good gif action there! Happy anniversary- and congratulations on the massive spring clean - and thank you for writing about it because, as a newbie, it makes for very good advice- thanks :)

Enjoy reading all your delicious content that you can now get at properly! E x


definitely feel you on how busy being a full-time steemer's hard enough for me to just log on every day! even once a week...yeah, that purge feeling is great on any social media though...just get rid of all the unnecessary mess!