STEEMIT! Let's help an AMAZING photographer get a CAMERA!

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There are many amazing people that have walked through my @steemitbloggers server doors - each unique with their own one of a kind brilliance. A few months ago, @wales joined our community with his own little bag of tricks! Not only is he an amazing photographer, but anyone who follows his blog will also know that he is gifted with the creative written word in a way which to be frank, I don't think you encounter more than once or twice in your life. He is truly the most magnificent enigma!


His passions are clear! A "Natural born photographer, writer and lover of the musical realm" As I, and the members of my community have gotten to know @wales - we have realised just how much it saddens him that he can no longer participate in something which he TRULY loves - PHOTOGRAPHY!

The UK government recently implemented "universal credit" which has essentially left @wales without an income - because they have removed all disabled people from their support line. At this point, he is essentially "bunking" with other people and has nothing more to his name than one suitcase and the "about to croak" laptop with which he makes his beautifully thought provoking daily posts here on Steemit.

He did NOT ask me to do this post - but as the founder of our community... I feel like I should at least TRY to change this situation for him! If there was EVER a deserving candidate - he is it! This amazing individual is a WELL established blogger and photographer outside of Steemit and has been for years! In fact - there is a high chance that many of you have actually used his images in your posts as he has an extensive GALLERY on Pixabay.



The camera in question is THIS ONE and it retails at approx. 1400 USD


@wales wanted to "power down" all the SP he has earned so far to try and go buy a camera! I REFUSE to let him DO THIS!!!!! He has worked SO hard to earn that SP - I really believe that we, as the community of Steemit - can "take the load off" for him and make his dreams come true!!!!!!

So peeps... PLEASE support him! ALL the funds generated from this post will be given to @wales for his Happy Snappy Purchase! Please RESTEEEEEEEEM!!!!

Thank you ALL!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Thank you so much jaynie and everyone here for this and saying such nice things. Here in the UK we have a terrible government that is doing bad things to those that can't defend themselves, many are dying because of it. A representative of the UN is now investigating the cruel and heartless things this government is doing to the unfortunate, which I really hope makes a different, but I won't be holding my breath. There are a few things I would like to do if I had a camera: One is to take photos and document the homeless, that have had their benefits taken away for as little reason as turning up late for an appointment and can't apply again for months which leaves them destitute and walking the streets with no hope. The other thing I would like to do is to take photos of the castles here in Britain which are amazing, such a lot to photo and write about. Right now I feel there is nowhere to turn, almost all my family has passed on, and my pension that I thought would be enough to live on will now be barely enough for a week never mind the whole month, and that's if I even get a pension, courtesy of this government that has run up a huge deficit that is more than all the over governments combined and is making the poor and disabled pay for it; so I can't even look forward to a pension now in my old age which is almost upon me in 2 years. This is in brief, for there is much more that is going on, but I don't want to bore you with too many details. Thanks again for this wonderful gesture...


Pleasure hon! Depressing details aside - I would LOVE to see you going WILD with a button to click xxx


Me too jaynie, photography is something that I love doing. There's nothing I like doing better than getting out and chasing down a good image. I have ideas to take photos and write about. I've had publications such as medical journals/magazines in south America that have used my photos for their front page, and I see my images everywhere these days on fb and other places.


Well, lets hope we can at least get you one step closer xxx

Go on @wales lad!! Get a camera!


Come on @wales! :D 100% upvote from me!


Here's my full upvote for this wonderful cause. 😊


Upvoted and resteemed buddy I wish you the best @wales

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Best of luck @wales my friend. If there is photos to go with your mad stories my head will indeed explode. 🤯🤯


Wish I had more power to vote here. Voted on all your latest posts Wales :-) and resteemed this!! Lets get that camera :D


Upvoted to help @wales realise his dream. It’s a very cool camera. I’m certain that he’ll be taking many stunning pictures with it.

Go @wales! Go #steemitbloggers!


To greatness. Sounds more of a dedicated blogger, you've got my tiny back @wales.


always gonna upvote for a camera. well, not always but yeah.


hahaha!!! but this time ;) lol - thanks xxx @wales deserves a camera!

No matter the country the circumstances have raised their ugly head in many parts of the world, support full steem ahead.

Thoroughly enjoy @wales seeing life through other side of the lens.

Awesome #steemitbloggers no one would know unless you share!


Thank you @joanstewart for your support.

Wow. What a great idea @jaynie

@wales is definitely talented and individual and an active member of our community. Full upvote from me.

I hope you get enough to go for it, @wales. Looking forward to seeing your future pictures.



Thank you so much for the support xxx


You're welcome @jaynie

My only real argument is it really ought to be a Nikon :) I can't help myself...

I wish there were more than I could do. It's the sort of thing that makes this place and the people here special. Thank you for this.


And thank you VERY much @bigtom13 for your SBD contribution. I have sent it over to @wales


great camera
You can get deals at Sam's club
I got my canon for 500 dollars and it came with the kit lenses. (not as nice as the one you are getting ...I can't wait to see your shots.

upvote and wishing you get what you want. This the best one - the canon D seems to be the choice by a lot of photographers in here... good going .. I think I may power down and join you. great choice.

me next haha! @jaynie you are a sweetie supporting someone to get a new camera. Love ya ❤️


MWAH! Thank you so much for the love and support honey!


He might consider a less expensive Canon he can still do great shots for the internet and in life.
That is in case you don't make up the difference and a lot of the phones make wonderful shots.
Not sure what you guys are planning but I hope you get there. :)

100% upvote, but I'm not sure it counts for much right now! Wish I could do more.


Every little bit counts, thank you hon xxx

Thank you for doing this for him, good luck and I hope my little vote helps 💚


Every little bit helps hon. Thank you!!!

Wish a luck @wales
This is my little contribution (I know my SP is very little but that all I can do for now)

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Thank you very much!

Love being part of making dreams come true
Here's my small contribution to making this happen :)
Screen Shot 20181109 at 1.09.58 PM.png


Thank you SO much sweetie!

I am so getting old.... this made me cry - Thanks for this and I hope that everybody will vote to help him. Thanks for telling his story that I can now also enjoy his work


Thank you for your support hon! Much appreciated!

Sorry, @wales, my upvote isn't worth a great deal, but hopefully it helps get you closer to that camera.


It all adds up, thank you @steveblucher x

Done with the upvote! I hope @wales will get his camera. You have a good heart @jaynie. God Bless You!

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Thank you so much for your support!

You deserve a camera and have fun here @wales. We love you. Thank you @jaynie for doing this.

#steemitbloggers rocks.


Thank you for the support hon xxx

Geez you're a lovely person @jaynie! I've given this my huge 0.04 upvote, but I'm sending some love via @wales wallet; hopefully he's able to cash it out for the camera :)


Than you so much honey x You and Brian are in my thoughts. Much love and strength sweetie xxx


Thank you so much Jaynie❤️

Upvoted 100%! Hope you get your camera soonest @wales! Sent you a small contribution too.

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Thank you SO much for your support honey! I know @wales appreciates it all VERY much!

Hope you get that camera - coming back with a freewritehouse vote - it is not huge but a lot bigger than mine.


good idea I will come back with a photobe upvote


Thank you xxx


MWAH! Thank you xxx

Happy to help <333 upvoted & resteemed :) @wales I look forward to seeing your awesomeness photos with your soon-to-be new camera ;) Much Love #steemitbloggers fam!!


Thank you honey xxx

Awww.... I really hope he gets it. Upvoted and resteemed! Can we send some SBD or Steem over @jaynie? :)

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Thank you for your support honey. I think its probably best if you send contributions directly to @wales. MWAH!!!

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@wales keep that passion burning and get that camera. For photography lovers, a camera is like a part of our limbs and we feel so incomplete without it. Just hang in there you'll get that camera.

This is a cause I can get behind. @wales is a great contributor to Steemit. I hope we can help him get his camera.


Me too @blockurator. Thank you for the support.

@wales I hope my little upvote helps!


Hang in there @wales! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy!


I recently got my Canon from my dad for my birthday about 5 months ago and while I haven't use it too much, I really like the photos it takes and appreciate my father for what he did. I hope he gets a camera soon and can share his view with the world. Good luck @wales! Thanks for sharing @jaynie.


And thank you too for the support!

Keep on clicking @wales - love your photography and hate what the government is doing! I'm not that far away from my pension either but I made it under the line for when they will up the age for when you receive your pension here in Canada. That being said it is still a few years away before i receive it and who knows what changes will happen before then. I try not to rely too much on the government. You got my vote and resteem - hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the support @porters x


You're welcome!

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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I had no clue this was happening there. I tend to stay off of the news due to trying to avoid hearing about a particular situation here in the U.S. so I miss everything. I do hope this post @jaynie has created will help you get what you need. Being a photographer does have one requirement to do the job --a camera-- so glad there are such generous people here that can help you out.


Thank you for the support x

I love this idea to support @wales and I upvoted this post with great pleasure, I just wish my vote was worth more to the cause. I will re-steemit though and hope that it will reach some members of another group I belong too.


Thank you x

howdy there jaynie! upvoting and resteeming, good luck to you wales!


Thank you x

Upvote and re-steem.

I have found this post thanks to @hazem91's resteem! :)

Good luck, @wales!

@jaynie great initiative you’re doing here for @wales. Small upvote from me but everything helps even a small one. Crossing my fingers for it🤞🏻

Resteemed. Has anyone heard from @cecicastor? I am very concerned for her since the last update I saw from a mutual friend.

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Thanks for the reminder - upvoted - let’s get that camera. :)

me gusto tu publicación es muy buena

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