SteemitMamas 1st Guest Post Payout - The Importance of Community

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I am so excited to be writing this post though it is a little delayed. Our first guest post on our @steemitmamas community account finally paid out! Yay! And we can now pay our guest post writer @nikema for her contribution.

It has been an exciting month or so for our little growing community of mothers coming together from all over the world to support and uphold each other in our journey on being a Mum and being on Steemit. It was fitting that our first guest post write up was to focus on community as we were just starting out. In another 3 days our community account will be one month old. Incredible how time flies and I will be doing a quick update soon on our community and how it is growing.

Back to our guest post, @nikema basically shared how Steemit enables real, sincere and strong connections to be made whilst making a difference in a person's life because of the ability to also generate income. I know that as a wife and mother, if we are able to earn additional income to support the family every little bit helps! For those who are single parents, it makes an even bigger impact on their lives. I am so glad that we are building a community where we are all united as one going through similar journeys of motherhood.

So now, the exciting part! We are really humbled at the immense support that we have received thus far and thanks to them our post had rewards to pay out.

This was the total guest post rewards.

Guest post payout 13 June 18.PNG

We then transferred 50% of the SBD rewards to @nikema, though I just rounded it from 1.1075 SBD to 1.11 SBD

Nikema Guest Post 1.PNG

Yay! It's done!

We do intend to have more talented guest writers in time to come and there are currently more initiatives being driven to grow the community bigger.

We really want to thank all our supporters like @hendrikdegrote, @kevinwong, @sndbox, @paolobeneforti, @pharesim, @curie, @sndbox-alpha, @shortcut, @wackou, @anwenbaumeister, @mintvilla, @vact, @poeticammo, @leesongyi, @roelandp, @kenan1989, @khackett, @jaff8, @bitrocker2020, @marillaanne, @silviabeneforti, @mrblinddraw, @steemfunder, @erb, @byn, @jrswab, @leotrap, @carrotcake, @heymattsokol, @coinsity, @steemitph, @bearone, @reddragonfly, @fingersik, @teachblogger, @dick.sledge, @jeffbernst, @leaky20, members of Team Malaysia and @SteemitMamas! You rock! I am so grateful for the support and love shown to this new community. Thank you!


p/s If you are a Mama on Steemit and want to journey together with us, come join us on discord! Just click on our banner invite below and our beautiful 😂Host Mamas will be waiting to welcome you!


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Yes, yes, yes for community support! Things are looking fairly bright, great job mamas @steemitmamas! So proud!

This is AWESOME! So glad to see this initiative getting support :)


@byn Thank you yes, I am grateful. It is a pretty awesome community of Mums!

I am loving being apart of @steemitmams!! It is truly a loving and supportive community! 💓💓💓

Yay love to see how we are growing with the different things different mama's can do among us and with support from the Steemit community. It has been a great time interacting and bonding with many other mamas from here and the other side of the world. Thanks @khimgoh for doing the author rewards too! You have been so sacrificial and giving, especially when you boost the post to let it gain visibility from your own wallet 😍

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@khimgoh. As this information is best and useful plus extraordinary support

So proud to be a @steemitmamas gal!!

:-) Super duper Great ! It is fun to be part of such a supportive group that has a real "We hear you. You can do it. Here's an idea, too." kind of attitude!


@marillaanne Thanks for being a part of us!

@khimgoh wow i would love to be part of the community


@temitopebanks thanks for dropping by my post. We are on discord, the invite is in the banner. Else you can also click on this.

Way to go @steemitmamas. You all are sooo cool and awesome

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