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Please more blood!

Get video. Small rebound in stocks today. Correction is/was needed. Crypto was oversold in my opinion, but thankfully rising...

Will the investment submit be available in live stream like the main conference?


Great question! I want to know too.

This is going to be interesting period :)

Put up vids of the speakers after?!

Thanks a lot for sharing with us all. We have in deed walked into a new phase of market challenges and the crypto-world is awakening. I wonder how long it will take for people to invest in mass into the cryptocurrencies that are much more powerful, safe and efficient than the fiat?

Thanks again for your excellent sharing, I'm loving it! It's funny to hear you say that the "*blood is running" as I refer to last Monday's events as a blood-shed too! ;)

Namaste :)

I am still in profit, so no blood yet thank god.

your blog is so informative
thanks for sharing

nice post , thanks for sharing

That stats are wrong, that you are talking about is Fake!

Stocks going down while Crypto going up is BULLISH...especially after the SEC meeting

This bitcoin is evrywhere I see it in internet , It seems gonna have a bright futur

In my opinion, all the coins in the world currency market are all Bitcoin branch-branches.


Great Video!
Hello everyone
I have uploaded some great and hilarious content on my channel and would be great if you check it out! :)

excellent post, thanks for sharing

meh, an overdue and needed market correction, time to buy before it goes back up

Sounds a bit fear-mongering.

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Definitely a good way to spend $245, learning with the bests of the bests!
Great advertising video, but I don´t think you should go to 2018 Summit because you are afraid of what is going to happen to your investments, you should go to make connections with people that understand a lot of the business that is exchanges markets.

It is about making you think from a different perspective.
Excellent post good analyses thanks for sharing.

okay I add science again with the dollar vigilante investment

Question regarding ... will there be recordings available for buyers of the livestream? Reason I ask is due to the time difference, it would be great to be able to pay and watch recordings after the event.

Interesting article!

Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Thanks for sharing