Vocab-ability–184 (pli, plex = fold, bend, shape) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)

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Serious WOW this is a smart way to keep posting :) for that....... You get a upvote

This problem is little complex to me.
Your dress is pliable and beautiful.
The earth pleat is so hard.
I like pliant dress.
Your question is complicated.

1-This dispute becoming more and more complicated.
2-Election of 2019 become more complex.
3-Survive in steam it is not pilable.
4-Pleat system is about to vanish in modern dress.
5-My pet dogy is not pliant.


  1. Complex. My physics professor speaks and writes in such complicated and complex terms to the point where I cannot understand it.

  2. Pliable. Some politicians can be extremely pliable, depending on who is giving them money.

3.Pleat. The pleats in her skirt were crisp and smooth.

4.Pliant. The plastic ball was very pliant and malleable in her hand as she exercised with it after her injury.

Your question is complicated.


  1. Couples who file for divorce find matters of the heart to complex to handle.
  2. Some politicians think the masses are pliable towards their mandate.
  3. Tricia loves the pink dress with a pleat.
  4. The model was pliant for her photo-shoot at the gallery.
  5. Life can be complicated, stay strong.

Good work!


  1. Steemit looked very complex to me when I newly started here.

  2. Mr. Felix is too pliable.

  3. My tailor didn't stitch the please of my dress properly.

  4. Marriage is a very complicated institution.

  5. The young couples were advised to be pliant when relating with each other.


  1. It wa a complex sum given by the teacher
  2. The paper was pilable
  3. The tailor was asked to pleat the skirt properly
  4. The dancers body was pliant
  5. The patients deliver was complicated


  1. The human anatomy is COMPLEX, but it's fascinating to learn.
  2. This rod is perfect for making jewelry since it's very PLIABLE.
  3. Please iron out the PLEATS on my skirt, thanks.
  4. The branches of some tree species are so PLIANT that they make perfect bags and baskets.
  5. It's difficult to deal with a COMPLICATED person.

Good work!

And I think it's best NOT to deal with a complicated person. :-)


Ha ha! But we are left with no choice sometimes, eh @majes.tytyty? 🤣


  1. Complex.
    My friend and her family lives in an apartment complex in an urban city adjacent to my aunt’s.

  2. Pliable.
    Many coverall work clothes are made and designed as pliable as a one-size fits all.

  3. Pleat.
    The new manufacturing apparel company is designing trousers with pleats on them as a comeback trend in fashion.

  4. Pliant.
    Many ballet dancers developed pliant movement gracefully with their body through constant practice.

  5. Complicated.
    Many students find calculus to be a complicated subject in arithmetic.


  1. The complex issue of maintaining free market and protecting the environment need to be addressed.
  2. Despite strong campaign rhetorics Mr. President is proven to be pliable and corrupt.
  3. Pleats which were in fashion for so long now are being replaced with straight waves.
  4. The prototype model was built with pliant wood.
  5. The relationship between the USA and Russia is extremly complicated.


  1. The machine that my boss purchased is a very complex one.

  2. A pliable person can't be a good judge.

  3. The pleat of the lady's skirt that's sitting in front of me has loosened.

  4. Jane could not explain the cause of the problem between her and her husband because it was very complicated.

  5. Rubber bands are very pliant.


Good work!


  1. The COMPLEX of apartment where my uncle lives has a pool, it is very beautiful.
  2. PLIABLE is the lining of my phone.
  3. The PLEAT of my favorite pants broke.
  4. PLIANT are the movements of my dance teacher.
  5. COMPLICATED are you, since you do not adapt anywhere.


  1. What constitutes the self is very complex.
  2. Most of the time, people can recognize you as a ballet dancer because you're pliable.
  3. I don't like the pleats of our school uniform.
  4. Clays are pliant which make it a perfect tool in creating any design you want.
  5. Family will always be there no matter how complicated things may get.

Good work!
And I hope you will always be there for your family, too! :-)


Thank you so much for appreciating my work. It was nice joining Vocab-ability. Looking forward to more Vocab-ability assignments :D
And of course my family will always be my number 1 priority :)


  1. Understanding the Blockchain and it's capabilities can get very complex.

  2. The minds of young children are pliable.

  3. The female students were forced to wear pleated dresses as part of their uniform and petitioned against them.

  4. The clay was pliant in the sculptures hands.

  5. The plot to Doctor Who is complicated.


Good work!


World is becoming complex for lower class in the society.
2 pliable
The poor are more pliable than the rich.
There are many types of pleats, differing in their construction and appearance.
A pliant heart is a slow dying heart.
It seems this complicated situation will not blow over soon.


Good work!

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Very useful . Thank you so much ! It is always better to get into habit of practicing the new words on daily basis