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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Nuggets


I know... I know... What another bacon wrapped recipe!

If you're a bacon fan, you're saying bring it on! We need more bacon recipes! If you're not... just enjoy the pictures!

It’s really not a big stretch to come up with another bacon wrapped meal. Bacon makes any meal better.

We’re still travelling and it’s been a while since the last trip to the grocery. So things in my fridge and pantry are getting kind of limited. I still had some chicken so that’s what’s on the menu. Chicken fingers are a favorite, but I didn’t want to deal with the oil. What about making nuggets, wrapping them in bacon and baking them. I didn’t have anything on hand to stuff the chicken with, so I wasn’t getting that excited. So how about wrapping the chicken in bacon, breading them and then baking. Now you’re talking! The breading would soak up the bacon fat and crisp up and there would be no greasy mess in the pan! I threw on some cheese so Sheila would love it and all is well!

Also, I had one aluminum baking pan, which not only was disposable but was the perfect size for this meal.

For this recipe I'm using boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Thighs are juicier than breasts and are less expensive. Also, they seem to always come in packages of 6. I'll just use half of them. If you do the math when I quarter each thigh into nuggets I'll get a total of twelve, which matches up nice with the 12 pack of bacon.


Cut each thigh up into 4 roughly even pieces.


Dust the nuggets with some adobo and garlic powder.


Wrap up each of the chicken nuggets in a slice of bacon. The bacon should be covering all the sides of the chicken as best as possible.


Beat up couple of eggs in a mixing bowl.


Spread some panko out on a plate


Coat each nugget in flour


Dip the nugget in the egg


Then finally roll it in the panko


Arrange the nuggets in a baking pan and sprinkle an ample amount of shredded cheese on top


Bake for 40 minutes at 375 F/ 190 C.


Plate it up and serve


I served it with a couple of dipping sauces.

I whipped up an Asian style with;
soy sauce
chicken broth
rice vinegar
sesame oil

Also a bottled ranch dressing.

This is my entry for #whatscookingchallenge by @jaynie

Here’s the challenge:

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Anything with bacon is a win!!! And this looks FAB @rwedegis :)


Thank you @jaynie! After tomorrow I'll be staying put for a few months, so I should be able to come up with some more creative entree entries!


Looking forward to the creations @rwedegis :D

That is incredibly a well detailed presentation @rwedegis I love the originality and the effort for coming up with the recipe. Good job! :-)


Thank you for your comments @cookntell!

Nice presentation 👍 up from me! I’m hungry now. remindes me on a film. Bacon stripes on Bacon stripes :-)



Thank you for your comments!

Chicken , Cheese and Bacon we have a winner right there sure to hit the spot. Something the kids would also love.


Thank you for your comments!